SPS Test System™ for all Controllers  (Super Power Supply)

SPS Test System™ for all Controllers (Super Power Supply)


This is a must-have power test source. It is the ONLY test system available today that is capable of interfacingwith the ABB, Viper, Kyle/Cooper, Cooper TS, Eaton, Tavrida, ABB R-Mag, Siemens, and other controllers with Plug-N-Play technology. No coding necessary!
If you’re using an expensive, bulky, complicated testerin your shop, then step up to the SPS Test System, an affordable, portable, user-friendly alternative. The design of the SPS Test System is lineman-friendly with engineering-level feedback.

    • Details

      The SPS Test System is designed and priced to be on every field truck. It is the ONLY moderately priced unit that offers these amazing features:

      • Two Plug-N-Play interface connectors
      •  Standard 14-pin Amphenol Connector, for transparent connection to existing systems
      • Large Amphenol Connector that interfaces with a variety of systems (we haven’t found one yet that we can’t connect to!)
      • Variable Current Control with 4 ranges and a phaseselection switch, allowing for testing outputs from 0-25 amps !
      • External Current Connection, which allows for the use of an external meter 
      • Phase-to-Phase Short Testing: creates negative flow current phase angle testing
      • Multifunction Digital Timer Display
      • Digital Current Meter
      • 52A/B Switch Testing for some systems (Element 43)
      • 69 Test Switch for systems that have software to monitor this function.
      • Single- and Three-Phase Independent Control with status LEDs on each phase
      • Calibration Bypass Switch
      • AC Voltage Testing to create under-(E-27) and over-(E-59) voltage signals in both the 120V range and the CVD range.
      • AC-Y Source Control included; AC-Z Load Control included with Loop option

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