Breaker Simulator Tester

Breaker Simulator Tester


The Bre aker Simulator Tester is a stand-alone unit or can be connected to the SPS Test System
for enhanced testing. This unit connects to any breaker using standard banana jack patch cables. This tester has features that can not be found anywhere else, including:

  • 52 A ad 52 B signals (Times 3) for status back to the breaker controller
  • Functional control input jacks (trip/close) that allow the breaker to operate the BST
  • A built-in toggle switch for operating the BST and controller
  • A status LED to show the trip/close status of the system
  • A built-in interface cable that connects directly to the SPS Test System to send both current and voltage to your station controller to test current trip levels up to 25 amps
  • AC voltage connection for either low-voltage levels (CVD) or high-voltage levels (PT) to test any voltage setup monitoring in the controller
  • When the controller operates, it communicates with the SPS Test System to start and stop the timer for trip time testing. This is not found anywhere else.


If that is not enough, the BST operates from just about any DC power source you can put to it from 40VDC all the way up to 125VDC. This is possible thanks to the revolutionary design of
the internal power supply. The BST comes in a watertight case designed to be placed on every field truck.

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